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Experience the Power of Healing: Quality Therapy Services


As a professional Coach, one of the first lessons I start with is showing participants how everything we do is connected. Whether it’s our habits, thoughts, or relationships, we are all connected, and it is essential to understand this and learn how to make the connection work for us.


Healing through shared experience is a powerful tool that provides a social network that can last a lifetime. Groups include meditation, motherhood support groups, prayer meditations, and bilateral sound baths.

Groups sessions include:

1. Group workbook or support guide

2. Neutral space to uncover personal truths and

    receive encouragement from a like-minded and

    accepted community.

3. Support network to stay connected with current

    and past group members.

Individual Therapy

Individual coaching is a custom approach to healing, wellness, and success that includes developing an individualized plan to reach life goals and create a life aligned with your core values.

Therapy services are evidence-based and can be both spiritually transformative and life-changing. I help clients break through personal barriers and transform their lives with holistic wellness therapy. Take a journey of self-discovery that leads you to a better, healthier life.

Are We A Good Fit?

Therapy with Keturah may work best for you if you:

  • Consider yourself gifted or a self-starter

  • Have been or are currently a people pleaser

  • Have experienced trauma (narcissistic, family, childhood, etc.)

  • Believe in holistic healing (mind, body, spirit)

  • Have not yet had success in therapy

  • Work with those in the helping profession and are seeking support for yourself

  • Have noticed dysfunctional familial patterns and are determined to have them stop with you


Meet the Therapist

Hello, I am Keturah!


My background is in psychology and vocational counseling. I obtained my B.A. from Spelman College, M.S. from Georgia State University, and am currently pursuing my doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I am a licensed professional counselor in Georgia and Florida. I also enjoy working with families and couples.

At Kandake Wellness, I use a holistic approach to mental health therapy, combining traditional psychotherapy with innovative techniques to help clients break free from the cycle of pain and suffering. My practice focuses on fostering healing, cycle-breaking, and increased creativity, allowing space for inner wisdom to come forth.


I strive to help clients reconnect with their true selves, so they can let go of any negative patterns that keep them from living their best lives. Utilizing a unique combination of therapeutic play, laughter, rest, Brainspotting, and mindfulness, I am able to highlight clients' strengths, intuition, and gifts. Together, we can create a space where you no longer have to people-please your way to happiness.


I invite you to join me in exchanging pain for passion, purpose, and joy. Trauma changes you; therapy restores you. Let's connect if the light within you resonates with the light within me.

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